BTS Dynamite 16oz Frosted Glass Tumbler with Glass Straw

BTS Dynamite 16oz Frosted Glass Tumbler with Glass Straw

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Whether you’re drinking water, coffee, or tea, you’ll never want to put down such a cute cup!

Size: Glass cup is approximately 6x3 inches (15.3x7.6cm) and holds 16 fluid ounces.

Info: Frosted glass cup with a bamboo lid and glass straw. These cups are individually hand printed in our studio using a heated element and special inks. A silicone ring on the lid ensures a snug and comfortable, spill-proof fitment. Glass will be hot to the touch if using for hot drinks.

Care Tips: While they are dishwasher safe, in order to preserve the integrity of the artwork, it is recommended that you hand-wash with soapy water so that you may continue to enjoy using your cup for many many more drinks.

Please Note: Colors may vary slightly depending on your computer or device display. Every cup is handmade in house with love and care, so please be aware of minor inconsistencies.

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